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The author has taught executives, leaders, and senior managers of companies of all sizes and many industries to execute better business.  He analyzes your organization systems-wide and provides you two things that supercharge your organization's growth: 1) your optimum niche and how to position yourself for maximum advantage; and 2) hidden inefficiencies losing you money and eroding your company culture.

This highly effective synergy of spurring growth while removing waste typically causes a tremendous growth spurt in net earnings.  Upon engagement my team provides a custom strategic roadmap to revitalize your staff and add a renewed clarity of purpose.  You'll find staff morale increasing and profits soaring.
Typical results are multiples of profit with increasingly successive gains year after year.

The author offers consulting expertise in the following areas:

* Sales force development and sales manager training/process improvement
* Organizational enhancement/appropriate talent management
* Strategic marketing, channel development, and positioning
* Analysis and developing financial reporting systems
* Using appropriate technology
* Corporate planning strategy

He only accepts assignments where he is certain he can achieve stellar results, and he boasts an enviable client success rate with a 96% client retention rate.  He guarantees satisfaction.

He is available for public speaking appearances, seminars, media appearances, and consulting work.  Please reach out to him by email at

He currently has availability for contract business improvement work.  He relishes solving thorny problems and looks forward to your inquiry.
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